The Best Thai Dishes

Thailand has a reputation for its delicious food. Explore the delicious flavors of the Land of Smiles while you eat your way through our selection of the finest dishes this foodie country has to offer. Check out the best Thai dishes that has prepared. Warning: You will be back for more.

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

This classic bowl of steaming goodness is rich and aromatic, with a strong spicy kick. Tom Yum Goong uses traditional Thai ingredients such as lemongrass, chili, galangal and kaffier lime leaves. It also includes fresh lime juice, shallots, fresh lime zest, and lots of fish sauce. Coconut cream is available if you prefer a creamy version.

Pak Boong (Morning Glory)

Pak Boong (morning glory) is very healthy. This vegetable, which looks like spinach, is often fried and seasoned using soybean paste, soy sauce and garlic. Morning glory is a delicious combination of salty, sweet, sour, and crunchy, which will please everyone’s palate. Although this dish is usually prepared with oyster sauce, it can also be made vegetarian.

Pad Phuk Tong (Stir-Fried Pumpkin)

Stir-fried pumpkin, “pad phuk tong”, is one of the most popular vegetarian-friendly dishes found in the Land of Smiles. It is not as easy to find than a large portion of Pad Thai but it is worth looking out for. You’ll laugh and enjoy it with brown rice, if possible.

Yam Pla Dook Foo (Fried Catfish and Green Mango Salad)

This dish might best be described as ‘fluffy’ or ‘crispy’. Catfish is fried in tiny pieces, or “blown up”, to create a light, fluffy and delicious fish salad. This dish’s secret is its combination of crispy fish and sweet, sour, and spicy green mango salad. This is a great appetizer to share with friends, or as a snack with beer.

Guay Teow (Noodle Soup)

Guay Teow is one of the most loved Thai dishes. It can be found almost anywhere. Guay Teow can be used to describe any kind of noodle soup. You can make it with chicken, pork, beef, or eggs (rarely vegetarian-friendly), as well as rice noodles or egg noodles. Vendors often add meatballs or wontons to the broth. You can top the dish with a variety of condiments such as sugar, dried chili peppers, lime juice, fish sauce, or even chili peppers. Guay Teow is great for late-night snacks and can be enjoyed at any hour of the day.

Tom Kha Gai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)

Tom Kha Gai is a related product to Tom Yum. It offers people with lower spice tolerances the chance to enjoy the same delicious flavors. Tom kha gai has a unique spice scale. It is often served with lots of creamy coconut cream, creating a rich sweet soup. You can easily make vegetarian Thai food by changing a few ingredients.

Yam Talay (Spicy Seafood Salad)

This mixed seafood salad is delicious and a healthy option for a meal. This salad can contain any combination of crabmeat, mussels, scallops, or shrimp depending on where you live. For an extra kick, add tomatoes, onions, and rice glass noodles.

Pad Thai (Thai Style Fried Noodles)

Pad Thai is Thailand’s national dish and a popular choice for those who want to explore Thai cuisine. This is a fried noodles dish that is often made with chicken or shrimp. However, it is also very popular for vegetarians. Pad Thai can be found on every street corner. It is cheap and delicious.

7 Must-Try Traditional Japanese Dishes

You will want to try Japanese cuisine when you visit Japan. There are many local specialties and dishes that you can choose from. But if we had to pick the top traditional dishes, these would be the ones we recommend.

Rice Balls – Onigiri

Onigiri is a type of rice ball that you may have heard about. Omusubi, or onigiri, can look just like regular rice. However, they are often wrapped in nori seaweed and have a savory inside. These are often served in bento lunches and can be found in supermarkets. This is a great choice for light snacks or meals.

Onigiri are available in a variety of flavors, including kelp, bonito flakes, pickled plum (umeboshi), and salmon. You can also find many other flavors at a convenience or supermarket.


This delicious dish should be on your list. Sashimi, which is a raw fish cut into bite-sized pieces and similar to sushi, doesn’t have rice. It is a popular choice for anyone visiting Japan, whether they are in Tokyo or Kyoto.

There are many types of sashimi, just like sushi. Maguro and other tuna types, salmon, mackerel and sea bream are some of the most popular and well-known varieties. Also, you can try salmon roe, uni or sea urchins. Order a variety to find out which fish and seafood you prefer.


Tempura is a dish that includes seafood, meat, and vegetable, covered in batter and deep-fried with oil. Usually, the batter contains flour and eggs. Before eating tempura, it is usually dipped into a special sauce called “tentsuyu”. Tentsuyu sauce is made from broth of kombu, dried bonito or mirin and soy sauce. It’s cooked at a ratio 4:1:1. For a refreshing flavor, you can add ginger or grated carrot to the sauce.


Sukiyaki can be prepared in a shallow iron skillet. It is traditionally served in autumn and winter in Japan. Sukiyaki was popularized in Japan in the 19th century. You can prepare this in your own home or get it on the menu at a restaurant.

Sukiyaki can be made with many different ingredients like thin slices of tomatoes, green onions, mushrooms, and tofu. The dish is prepared by diners who grill the ingredients in a pan and add a few drops sukiyaki sauce. To eat sukiyaki as it is traditionally prepared, dip the vegetable or meat in a bowl of beaten eggs.

This delicious, satisfying dish is great served with rice which will warm you up from the inside during cold days.


Sushi has been a well-known Japanese food. There are many options for how to enjoy it. From the fun kaitenzushi (conveyor belt) where people can enjoy sushi at a low price of 100 yen per plate to the high-end, long-established Edomae Sushi (Edo style sushi) where you can sit quietly and watch as the sushi is being prepared.

Sushi is a dish made of pressed vinegared white rice and topped with a piece or shellfish (called a neta). Sushi is usually eaten with wasabi and soy sauce, but people who don’t like wasabi can request “sabi-nuki”, which means “without wasabi”.

Unagi – Grilled Eel

Unagi is also known as eel and can be found mostly in rivers. It is a Japanese delicacy that is often found in top-class Japanese cuisine. Many casual restaurants also specialize in unagi cuisine. You can enjoy Kabayaki at unagi restaurants. This is where unagi is grilled on skewers with a special sauce that includes mirin, sugar and sake. Unadon is a dish that includes kabayaki with white rice.

Hitsumabushi is another traditional Nagoya dish. Although its appearance might be surprising to some, it is a cut-up kabayaki served on top of white rice. However, it can also be enjoyed with other condiments such as green onion and wasabi or as ochazuke, which is a warm green tea or broth. Unagi can also be used as a healthy food to avoid summer heat weariness due to its protein and good digestion.

Miso Soup

Miso soup, another popular Japanese food, is well-known for its delicious taste and health benefits. This soup is usually accompanied with other main and side dishes. Miso soup is a staple part of the traditional Japanese diet.

The base of miso soup is simply the fermentation of miso, which gives it a rich flavor and depth. It’s then seasoned with Japanese dashi (conventionally a mixture of bonito, kelp). There are many regional variations of miso soup. These range from simple soups made with seaweed and tofu, to more complex soups that include crabmeat and other vegetables.

The Top 10 Traditional Foods in Australia


Lamington is recognized as the “National cake of the Australian’ following that the National Trust of Queensland voted the sweet dessert as an Australian iconic. The cake was named after the name of Lord Lamington who was the ex-Governor of Queensland who was said to have quite a sweet tooth.

Lamingtons are a simple square-shaped cake that has been dipped into chocolate and topped with coconut desiccated. There are other variations that include two layers as well as jam or cream filling, which is regarded by many as an essential element. They’re perfect with a cup of tea from the bush, or perhaps one of Melbourne’s famous coffees. They can be found in all cafes and bakeries.

Chicken Parmigiana

The classic Aussie chicken dish with roots in Italian-American cuisine. This is a popular item on numerous pub menus across the United States. If you’re calling it parma or a parmi/parmy (but not a parmo). There’s a huge debate over where to find the best parmigiana come from in Australia.

One candidate for the perfect mix of quality, size topping, and chips can be found at The Corner Hotel in Alexandra, Victoria. The hotel dates back to the golden age. The hotel boasts an award-winning parma that is large, and they also have free range chickens, and has a secret house crumb. Eight different options from the traditional to vindaloo, and double bangers await anyone wanting to try this enthralling experience.

A burger that has ‘the LOT’

If you think that lettuce, tomato, onions, and a delicious meat patty does not seem to be enough for a burger, perhaps you should consider the Aussie stomach-buster that includes ‘the whole’. Take a bun for a burger and fill it with barbecuing meat as well as salad, sauce, and, for an Australian variation add a slice pineapple along with some pickled beetroot, and eggs that have been cooked. It’s the perfect Australian food to eat after a long day of surfing or at the beach.

Each city, or suburb claims to have the finest burgers in Australia. Therefore, choosing the best is a challenge. One place to begin your search might be Easey’s located in Collingwood, Victoria, a bar and grill that often gets awards in this region.

Barbecued snags (aka sausages)

It’s not a surprise that the Australians are awestruck by grilling, and there’s nothing more essential to a great bartender than a quality sausage regardless of whether you’re in a friend’s house or visiting the local Bunnings to enjoy the sausage sizzle. The traditional Australian sausages usually made of beef or pork. But if you’re looking for something different, there are many other species to taste. Wrap the bread slice around the snag, and then finish it off with sauteed onions and your favorite sauce.


The two countries of Australia along with New Zealand lay claim to creating this well-known dessert made in honor of Russian dancer Anna Pavlova’s journey in Australasia during the 20th century. It’s a true Australian dessert after dinner the pavlova’s meringue-crusted crust, fruity filling and fluffy cream topping guarantee it’s a huge family success.

Australian food claims regarding the dessert date all the way to 1930s, and the Perth’s Esplanade Hotel. Although the hotel is no longer in existence however, Perth still has an undisputed claim to the dessert. What is the most delicious slice is remains a matter of debate however, you can add your voice in the current debate by exploring the choices in Whisk Creamery, C Restaurant in the Sky or The Treasury Lounge Bar.

Vegemite in toast

A not too complicated recipe, but loved by many, Vegemite on toast is ideal to eat for lunch, breakfast, or as snack anytime. Like British Marmite, Vegemite is made of yeast extract which is actually not vegetables.

If you ask any Australian how to make the perfect toast with Vegemite and they’ll provide a different explanation. It’s totally idiosyncratic not just the proportion between butter and Vegemite and other additions such as avocado, cheese or honey.


Forget about chips and fish and feast on fresh Australian barramundi. It’s a name that means “large-scaled river fish from the Aboriginal language spoken in the Rockhampton region. Grilled or fried on the skin, this is a healthier alternative to battered fish and is an authentic Aussie food.

If you choose to fish for yourself or you prefer to relax and let somebody else do the laborious task, heading to Queensland will provide you with the most delicious fish available in the nation. Go to places such as George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant or The Barra Boys (both in Brisbane) to find out the way it can be prepared.

Meat pies

It’s possible to believe that a pie is one of a kind and is available in any flavor and that you can fill with. But the traditional Australian pie should be made to order filled with mince meat and gravy, and then topped by tomato sauce. A more gourmet version made with the mashed potato and mushy peas is also very popular, however any other variation is sure to fall into a different category.

Pumpkin soup

Australian cuisine isn’t just about barbecued meats and seafood. There’s a variety of vegetarian meals available and a hearty pot of soup made from pumpkin.

The best time to serve it is during the winter months and is easy to find in the south. There’s something very satisfying about eating a bowl of soup with pumpkin enjoyed by the fire. You can also add the addition of a Granny Smith apple, which originated in the suburbs of Sydney to make an authentic Australian version.


A delicious and healthy meal, and a favorite of my colleague from Burrnationk9s, kangaroo is among the healthiest cuts of meat available and is the national symbol. However, you should make sure to keep your steak to be blue or at the very least, rare since kangaroo can be extremely difficult to prepare and may dry out quickly when left on the grill for too long.

In terms of taste, the taste of this Australian food is comparable to beef in taste. However, kangaroo contains more iron and protein than beef, as well as less fat and calories. It’s also a great food source for omega 3.

Best Restaurants in Paris

Dining out in Paris is always a bit different than bread and croissants to start the day or steak frites at dinner. Though it’s often what most people think of when they walk along the city’s cobblestoned streets. In this country of hard-and-fast cooking etiquette, where imposing toques used to be the norm of the culinary landscape, it’s an array of high-end dining experiences on all levels. If it’s a hot pita that’s stuffed with beef bourguignon, or an entire tasting menu that includes the most impressive presentation. Surely, eating out in Paris isn’t a disappointment. From the traditional restaurants that shouldn’t be missed, to the newest and well-known hot spots, our selection of Paris best eateries highlights food options that stand out from the crowd.


For those who live in the 16th arrondissement, which is a sleepy one, Substance is a refreshing energy boost right from the entrance. You can expect a laid-back, but strict, foodie scene in the evenings. These are patrons who are proficient in the chef’s list of accomplishments (a Top Chef candidate) or champagne connoisseurs, or residents from Western Paris.

The main draw is the champagne menu, offering more than 180 cuvees from both well-known producers and small-scale producers. Substance is named after an expensive sparkling wine, has the distinction of being the sole restaurant in Paris offering the Selosse Initial Brut cuvee. Food-wise, you can see potato emulsions containing fish eggs, pickled onion and trout. There’s also goat cheese, beetroot cannelloni. You will also find a variety of plant-based meals (be certain to mention any food-related allergies or intolerances prior to ordering your menu). From beginning to end, dishes are elegant and contemporary, with a focus on the seasonality and local-sourced which diners have come appreciate from the top French restaurants.


Allard is one of the very few traditional foodie bistros that you go back to over and over. “Here, beauty is both in the room and on the plate,” says Mimi Thorisson. “The duck with green olives is utterly satisfying.” Legs of frogs poached turbot foie gras duck are cooked in the way they should be, without unnecessary flourishes.

Benoit Paris

A time capsule of your first visit to Europe, the dishes served at this iconic bistro, which opened in 1912, resemble still-life images of the time-life “Foods of the World” series. Imagine escargots bathed in butter, garlic as well as Parsley (and that warm baguette that you soak every drop) Cassoulet and pate en croute. Scottish salmon served with Bearnaise sauce and seared oysters, leeks and scallops a delicious cheese plate, and crepes Suzette that you will believe it.


The meals served in this cozy and simple Scando-inspired restaurant begin with exceptional, inventive vegetarian and plant-based meals which are changed each two weeks. Although the menu is ambitious, it is a fine dining with elegant food without pomp and ceremony or arrogance of a cult chef. Grebaut is a pro of bringing out the flavors of every ingredient and playing with texture. It’s not unusual to see the raw and cooked dishes (in various ways) together on a platter.


Steak, steak as well as other steak. However, not the typical French frites of steak! The frites are an Argentine tradition, Anahi is more ole than ohlala. So, chef Gabriele Faiella offers a choice of cuts cooked in charcoal across the globe (Australia, Japan, USA and Argentina) such as filet, skirt, ribeye bone-in-rib, and so on. The menu also lists the weight of the meat and whether the cattle were fed grain or grass. The best beef tastes best when served with creamy potatoes. So, the cut is served alongside a cup of traditional lemonade, Argentine herbs, jalapeno bacon, truffle cream (that is well worth the extra money of $10).


Israeli Chefs from Israel Assaf Granit, and Uni Navon are known for their evenings of shouting out “mazel tov!” or an “ohlala!” in the midst of the world’s best-loved chicken livers by poaching an egg (among other delicacies that are spiced up). There’s also the cavernous dining room that is a modern riff on the ’40s French created by Dorothee Meilichzon (of Henrietta restaurant in London and the 9th district’s Grand Pigalle Hotel, among other things) Retro sconces with triangular-shaped subway tiles 50 shades of blue and gold mirrors.

Bistrot Paul Bert

It’s impossible to escape the feeling of a food coma after the meal at this restaurant. This is a gut-busting traditional French meal at its finest–from the seasonal plump white asparagus and the Cote de Boeuf for two (served medium-rare only with the most perfect French fries) to their signature praline-buttercream-filled Paris-Brest pastry or big-as-your-head steaming-hot souffle. You can also enjoy tartare, obviously, as well as an egg that’s as yellow as the sun served with black truffles shaved. In the lunchtime, the prix fixe menu is cheap, and you can also do a recipe during dinner and also order at-a-la-carte.

Pierre Sang

Each dish is unique surprising, enticing, and packed with a variety of flavors, some completely new to Parisian taste buds (especially the Korean influences that which the chefs and their team will likely incorporate into the dish). SautΓ©ing white beans and pork with a tomato sauce and topped with anchovies and radishes delicious and comforting, with just the right amount of acidity. The dishes are beautifully presented and always taste fresh.

Dishes You Must Try in Asia

Asian culinary tradition refers to the cooking methods and food traditions of nations that are located within East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, and North Asia.

Since Asia is the biggest as well as the most popular continent in the world and is where you can find an incredible array of food styles that each feature cooking techniques and ingredients which can differ significantly between regions. Below are the top dishes that you must try when you visit Asia.

Kaiseki in Kyoto

Kaiseki isn’t a reference to a specific food item, it’s more of the concept of a Japanese meal experience. It is a reference to the traditional multi-course meal that consists of a variety of small, artistically cooked meals. It can be thought of as the Japanese equivalent of western high-end cuisine.

Traditional Japanese kaiseki meals generally consist of appetizers, soup-based course (suimono), seasonal dishes, cooked dishes, a rice dish (shokuji), tea and dessert. Each dish is carefully prepared using seasonal, fresh and mostly local ingredients. The dishes are carefully served and set up to highlight the presentation and motif of the meal.

Ganjang Gejang

This dish might not be as popular as Korean barbecue but inquire of Koreans what their favorite Korean dish is and they will tell you it’s the ganjang gejang. Indeed, this incredibly tasty and intriguing seafood dish that is raw is often described as the best South Korean food.

Ganjang gejang is the Korean dish consisting of raw crabs cooked in soy sauce. For preparation, crabs are thoroughly cleaned prior to being put into an earthenware pot where they are kept salted for around six hours.

Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung

Xiao Long Bao actually is the name of a Shanghainese dish. However this Taiwanese restaurant has perfected the dish. Din Tai Fung has been such a success that they’ve expanded out to numerous countries around the globe including China. Actually, it is possible to you can ask a Shanghainese person where they would like to go for xiaolongbao, and they’ll all say Din Tai Fung.

Xiao long bao is the Chinese dumpling, which is typically made of pork, and a meat aspic which melts into soup when heated. While it’s tasty as it appears but it’s crucial to consume the dumpling in a safe manner so that you don’t burn your mouth.

Yum Cha

A visit in Hong Kong can never be complete without a meal of dim sum. Dim sum refers to the broad variety of small Cantonese food items like siu mai and har gow and char siu bao. Yum-cha describes the tradition of having brunch, eating dim sum and drinking Chinese tea.

Traditional Yum Cha is a traditional dish that includes bamboo steamers filled with a selection of pan-fried, steamed and deep-fried dim sum. They would be placed on push carts which would take them between tables.

Tom Yum Goong

Pad thai may be the most well-known Thai dish, however numerous Thai food enthusiasts will tell you that tom yum is their most popular. It’s actually that Thai dish that scored the highest in CNN Travel’s reader’s survey on the world’s 50 best Dishes.

Tom Yum refers to the family of Thai hot and sour soups, made with many ingredients, including galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce along with crushed red chili peppers. It can be prepared with other meats like fish or chicken, but the most well-known version is the tom yum gong which is made using the prawn.

Durian Cendol

Cendol is a well-known dessert made of shaved ice and jelly noodles, coconut milk along with palm sugar. It is usually served with a variety of ingredients, including glutinous rice, red beans grass jelly, creamed corn. You may consider it to be the Malaysian or Indonesian version of the Filipino Halo-halo.


It means “mixed up” or “mixed together”. Halo-halo is a reference to a colorful Filipino food composed of shaved-ice as well as evaporated milk and a mix of ingredients such as kidney beans boiled and garbanzos and the kaong (sugar palm fruits) macapuno (young coconut), ube, leche flan, plantains that are sweetened with sugar along with many more.

There’s no recipe for making a halo-halo, but the more fun the better. The more vibrant it appears then the happier Filipinos will be.


Durum is a Turkish word that is a reference to “roll” and is used for wraps stuffed with doner kebab’s components. They are made with lavash or yufka flatbreads. It’s a favorite as a snack on the street or a restaurant food and is available almost everywhere in Turkey.

According to the description as a durum, it is usually prepared using doner kebab ingredients. Doner kebabs are a type of kebab created using meat that is cooked on a vertical rotating. When it turns and is cooked by the vertical cooking element the outermost layer is cut off and then used to fill the durum.

Butter Garlic Crab in Mumbai

In contrast to those who live in landlocked Delhi, Mumbai is surrounded by the Arabian Sea so it’s home to a bounty of tasty seafood. One of the dishes Mumbai is well known for is the butter garlic crab.

Like the name implies, butter garlic crabs can be prepared through cooking the mud crabs with the mixture of sauteed onions as well as garlic and black pepper powder and plenty of butter. The crab shell is broken and cooked for around 10 minutes so that the meat can be infused with the rich buttery and garlicky taste.

Top Restaurants In NewYork City

New York City is a place of many flavors, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you’re an international traveler visiting New York or just looking for something different in the city, here are 10 great places to try!

1) “The Meatball Shop” – This cozy restaurant specializes in meatballs, and you can choose from a variety of sauces and toppings.

2) “Xi’an Famous Foods” – This restaurant is known for its spicy Chinese food, which is perfect if you’re looking for something different from the standard American fare.

3) “Shake Shack” – Burgers, fries, and shakes are the specialty at this popular chain restaurant.

4) “The Hummus Kitchen” – If you’re looking for healthy Middle Eastern cuisine, this is the place to go.

5) “Junior’s Restaurant” – This iconic New York City restaurant is known for its cheesecake, which is definitely worth a try!

6) “Nuchas Empanadas Argentinas” – These empanadas from Argentina are a must-try for anyone who loves Latin American cuisine.

7) “KFC” – Yes, KFC is a great place to eat in New York City! The Colonel’s secret recipe makes for some delicious fried chicken.

8) “Gray’s Papaya” – This hot dog stand is a New York City institution, and it’s the perfect place to grab a quick bite on the go.

9) “The Halal Guys” – This popular food cart serves up some of the best Middle Eastern food in the city.

10) “Xi’an Famous Foods” – For those who can’t get enough of spicy Chinese cuisine, this restaurant is a must-try!

You should also check out the “New York Times” website for more great restaurant recommendations. Whether you’re looking for Italian, Indian, or Thai food, New York City has something to offer everyone!

This is just a taste of some of the amazing international cuisine that you can find in New York City. Be sure to check out the “New York Times” website for more great restaurant recommendations. Whether you’re looking for Italian, Indian, or Thai food, New York City has something to offer everyone! Thanks for reading!

Fast food chains are popular in New York City, but there are also plenty of places to get a good meal if you’re looking for something different. If you’re an international traveler visiting New York or just looking for something different in the city, here are some great places to try!

1) “The Meatball Shop” – This cozy restaurant specializes in meatballs, and you can choose from a variety of sauces and toppings.

2) “Xi’an Famous Foods” – This restaurant is known for its spicy Chinese food, which is perfect if you’re looking for something different from the standard American fare.

3) “Shake Shack” – Burgers, fries, and shakes are the specialty at this popular chain restaurant.

4) “The Hummus Kitchen” – If you’re looking for healthy Middle Eastern cuisine, this is the place to go.

5) “Junior’s Restaurant” – This iconic New York City restaurant is known for its cheesecake, which is definitely worth a try!

6) “Nuchas Empanadas Argentinas” – These empanadas from Argentina are a must-try for anyone who loves Latin American cuisine.